Staff Favorites

There are times throughout the year when you just want to shower your student’s special teachers with affection for all that they do.  Here are their favorites to help you do so!  (Click on their name to view) Updated for the 2021/2022 School Year.

Children’s Choice

Mrs. Hutchinson
Mrs. Bunjovac
Ms. Beverage
Mrs. Redinger
Mrs. Steege

Panda Program

Ms. Droz
Miss Fransecky


Mrs. Burns
Mrs. Hasenmiller
Mrs. Holmes
Miss Wiebel

First Grade

Mrs. Byerley
Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. Meserve
Mrs. Kersten

Second Grade

Mrs. Kujawa
Miss Henes
Mrs. Rastocky

Third Grade

Mrs. Beck
Mrs. Coburn
Mrs. Lenseigne
Mr. Cunningham

Fourth Grade

Miss MacMillan
Mrs. Nierad
Mrs. Pescatore

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Dodgen
Mrs. Rich
Mrs. Schultz
Ms. Malito


Mr. Fatica
Mr. Greene
Mr. Rich
Ms. Hilliker
Mrs. Rossman
Mr. Tarter
Dr Kissane

Other Staff

Ms. Leiper
Mrs. Wilkinson
Nurse Amy
Mrs. Spilman
Mrs. Cyr
Mrs. Cahill
Mrs. Davie
Mrs. Raymond
Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Breshears
Mrs. Hardy
Mrs. Jorgensen
Mrs. Brennan
Ms. Ference
Mr. Gannon