Passive Fundraising

Sequoya offers many ways for you to support our school through every day shopping habits!  Please consider using these suggestions in the future to help Sequoya earn a % of your purchases:


There’s a new and EASY way to earn Box Tops for our school. Download the Box Top app and start scanning your receipts now. Make sure you keep your grocery receipts and scan away.


If you do not already have a Fry’s VIP online account, please create one!  Click below for instructions on how to link your Fry’s card to Sequoya.  Make sure you have your Fry’s VIP card # on hand.  Every time you shop at Fry’s, a percentage of your shopping dollars are automatically given back to the Sequoya APT!  Every year, we raise money from loyal Fry’s shoppers. A great way to support Sequoya! You must update this every school year (number will stay the same).  Our code is XK496.

How to Re-Enroll for the Fry’s Community Rewards Program
1.    * Go to
2.    Enter your email and password, click on ‘sign in’. 
3.    On the Community Rewards screen: Enter our school’s code in the ‘Find and Organization’ box (XK496) or name of the school then select ‘search’.  
4.    Click on ‘Enroll’ 
If you have re-enrolled correctly, you should see a green circle with ‘You have successfully enrolled in Community Rewards.’ You will also see the information listed under ‘Community Rewards’ on your Account Summary page.

Shop Mabel’s Labels and support Sequoya Elementary! Visit and select the “Support a Fundraiser” box on the top right side.  Select Sequoya Elementary School from the drop-down list.  You will then be directed to a landing page with our school’s name.  
Mabel’s Labels offers a wide variety of back-to-school products including name label and tag combos that peel and stick to clothing, lunch boxes, shoes and school supplies big and small. They’re durable, waterproof, laundry safe, and yes, they really do stay on!  They even have allergy stickers available. And shipping is FREE!